PU Leather Coin Purse Correct Use

- Oct 25, 2017 -

PU Leather Coin Purse Correct use

First, daily care:

1. After the usual use, the application of sponge or soft cloth to wipe the dust, bag edge with a gap position, you can use the tip of the hat to remove the dirt, and then into the paper group, to prevent the bag deformation, and plastic bags wrapped in a cool dry Of the place, it is best to put 1-2 mothballs to prevent insect bites.

2. Regular use of the same color of the shoe to wipe the leather bag, so that the skin to keep the light moist, to avoid the role of liquid shoe polish.

3. To the leather when the shoe, avoid the shoe directly applied to the leather surface, should be coated with a soft cloth or sponge.

4. If the bag is wet, dry the bag with a dry cloth, and then put it in a cool place, otherwise there will be a burst phenomenon.

5. Do not use water to clean the leather bag and contact with chemical solvents.

6. Store the use of moisture-proof bags, can often keep the bag dry; stored in a cool place, especially wet or damp leather bags, storage can put a little moisture in the bag. =

Second, the correct use of habits:

1. To avoid the leather bag and hard objects collision, friction, so as not to scratch the surface, scratch.

2. Leather bags to avoid the heavy things, so as not to wrinkles and deformation. First, the pinhole appears because: mixed solvent evaporation rate too fast; furnace temperature is too high. Can be adjusted by adjusting the solvent formula, appropriate to reduce the furnace temperature, especially the first group of furnace temperature to deal with.

Second, PU leather spotlight, orange peel reasons: the bottom of the material shrinkage uneven, the end of the solvent so that the surface layer up. Can be adjusted by the bottom of the fabric formula, the main base material in the appropriate addition of surface layer of latex mortar; adjust the solvent formula, the appropriate speed up to reduce the swelling time, the addition of polyphenylene oxide or cross-linking agent.

Third, PU leather drag line reasons: scraper foreign body; pigment caused by uneven. Treatment, can eliminate foreign body; strengthen the mixing, so that the pigment evenly, with a young net for filtration.

Fourth, the cause of loose floating: fit the gap is too large, fit the pressure is insufficient; base material is too thin; base cloth too long. Processing can adjust the gap, increase the bonding pressure; thickening of the base material, the appropriate increase in the amount of adhesive layer coating.

Fifth, the reasons for the line line pattern: fit too little gap, paste the pressure is too large; dry incomplete; aging time is not enough. Can be reduced through the high-speed gap, reduce the pressure; appropriate to reduce the speed or appropriate to adjust the furnace temperature; appropriate to extend the aging time, especially in the winter; or increase the amount of crosslinking agent and accelerator.

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