PU Leather Document Holder Manufacturing Process

- Nov 02, 2017 -

PU Leather Document Holder Manufacturing process

1.PU is an abbreviation for English poly urethane, chemical Chinese name "polyurethane". PU leather is the skin of polyurethane ingredients. The leather is a leather-like plastic products. Usually with a fabric as the base, on which coated or coated with a layer of resin mixture, and then heated to plastic, and rolled by rolling or embossed, that product. Similar to the natural leather, with a soft, wear-resistant and so on.

2.PVC leather in the manufacturing process must first melt the plastic particles into a paste, according to the provisions of the thickness of uniform coating on the base of the knitted fabric, and then into the foam furnace for foaming, so that it can adapt to the production Various products, different requirements of the softness, in the baked at the same time surface treatment (dyeing, embossing, polishing, extinction, grinding surface, etc., mainly in accordance with the specific product requirements to carry out).

PU leather in the manufacturing process than the PVC leather to be more complex, because the PU is a good tensile strength of the canvas PU material, in addition to the top of the fabric can be coated on top, but also the base fabric can be included in the middle, so that Appearance can not see the presence of the base fabric. PU leather physical properties than PVC leather good, resistant to twists and turns, softness, tensile strength, with breathable (PVC no). PVC leather pattern is made by the steel pattern roll hot pressing; PU leather pattern is a kind of pattern paper first hot paste pressure in the semi-finished leather surface, waiting for the cooling down after the separation of the paper, the surface deal with. PU leather price than PVC leather to more than double, some special requirements of the PU leather than PVC leather to 2-3 times higher. General PU leather paper can only use 4-5 times that will be scrapped; pattern roller cycle is long, so the cost of PU leather than PVC leather is high.

3.PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather difference, you can use gasoline soaking method distinction, the method is to use a small piece of fabric, put in gasoline for half an hour, and then removed, if it is PVC artificial leather, it will harden, brittle , If it is PU synthetic leather, it will not harden, brittle PU leather is the skin of polyurethane ingredients, widely used in luggage, clothing, shoes, by more and more favored, PU products more, and its cleaning and maintenance is also extremely important.

Only to its proper cleaning and maintenance in order to maintain the original product.

Cleaning Precautions:

1, PU leather products can not be dry cleaning, can only be washed.

2, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, available detergent, can not use gasoline scrub.

3, can not be sun exposure.

4, PU leather clothing and bags can not be folded 1. High strength, thin and flexible, soft and smooth, breathable and permeable, and waterproof

2. Low temperature still has good tensile strength and disturbance strength, have good resistance to light aging and hydrolysis stability

3. Flexible wear, appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy to wash and decontamination, easy to sew

4. Smooth surface, can be a variety of surface treatment and dyeing, species diversity

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