Travel Wallet Put In A Cool Place

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Travel Wallet Put in a cool place

1. must be based on the different varieties of hot dishes, choose the appropriate hot stamping foil. Hot stamping must master the temperature, pressure, hot stamping speed of the three parties with, and according to hot stamping materials, hot stamping area of different and different.

2. Cut the speed and direction of the turning tool.

3. Aluminized aluminum foil foil should be used for the appropriate properties of paper, ink (especially black ink), kerosene, composite glue, hot prints must be kept dry, so as not to cause the bronzing layer oxidation or damage.

4. The general packaging is: 64CM × 120M a roll, every 10 volumes a box; can be customized width of 64CM, length 120M or 360m large volume or other special specifications (1.5 meters wide 1000 meters or 3000 meters long).

5. Storage to stand, anti-pressure, moisture, heat, sunscreen, placed in a cool and ventilated place.

Custom wallet gold foil LOGO storage conditions

1. Temperature 5 ℃ -20 ℃

2. Humidity 30-70%

3. Vertical placement

4. To avoid direct sunlight 1. Leather is mainly processed by the animal skin and processed out of the leather. Mainly pigskin, leather, sheepskin, horse and so on. Cowhide is divided into brown leather and buffalo leather; 2. If it is according to its level, can be divided into: the first layer of skin, two skin, three layers of skin.

Precious are: fox fur leather, goat fur leather, rabbit fur fur, mink Qiu leather, etc. ... ... expensive, feel grade first class, not fully listed here.

 3. Common dermal features

[Pig skin] ordinary pig smooth surface shiny, the general surface is triangular, very soft, tired of greasy. Generally used to make coats, handbags more.

[Sheepskin] leather thin, soft, delicate, small breathing holes, uneven particles are not even, mostly flat oval. Price grade better than pigskin.

[Leather] leather than the other skin to be thick, to be durable, breathing holes small, full of particles on the surface, strong, generally do belts, shoes, handbags, wallet more.

[Mink Qiu leather] This type of leather grade higher, the price is more expensive, but the feeling is absolutely great. More smooth, more delicate.

In general, the thickness of the leather surface pores, density and distribution of the situation is to distinguish between cattle leather, leather, Ma leather and sheep leather the main basis.

In the clean leather, we should first understand the need to clean the type of cortex, in addition to frosted leather, other types of leather can use professional sofa cleaning agents and maintenance agents. The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

1. Because some of the leather surface treatment is poor, please use the leather in the inconspicuous place before the trial, if the phenomenon of fading, water can be diluted until satisfied.

2. Hand-held product to the surface of about 10 cm (4 inches) of the surface of the spray, each part of the spray until the wet so far.

3. With water (leather special dirt can be used when the temperature of fresh water) wet towel or sponge, hand dry gently rub the leather, erase dust dirt. Rinse the towel, wipe the leather, remove the dust and continue to clean the towel, repeat the above steps until the cleaning section is completed. So that leather naturally dry, to avoid direct exposure to heat or sunlight.

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