Wallet Proper Maintenance

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Wallet Proper maintenance

Wallets, I believe everyone is necessary. But for this essential goods, leather goods manufacturers would like to ask you: Do you correctly maintain it? Leather goods manufacturers said that when the wallet produced, after the market, and then flow to our hands, in order to extend the life of the wallet, we still need to be meticulous care, in order to make the life of the wallet greatly increased, if the Otherwise hey hey hey. The The The cheeky If you want to use the purse long term, leather manufacturers said we should do the following: 1. Keep dry, stored in a cool place.

2. Avoid exposure, roast, rinse, sharp objects and contact with chemical solvents.

3. Wallet suture, the main need to use glue production, glue water easily melted, so the use of wallet should try not to get into the water, rainy days need special attention.

4. Can use Bei Lizhu or the same color shoe oil for maintenance.

5. In principle, a card can only plug a card, if barely inserted two cards, will only lead to loose card bags.

6. Care should be taken to protect all metal parts, moist and salt high environmental wallet is easy to oxidize, in the metal surface coated with a layer of transparent nail polish can effectively prevent metal oxidation.

What will be done to follow the bag?

Bag is MM out of essential items, but the bag is a need for good care Oh, today's eight shares of leather goods and we share a few damage to the behavior of the bag:

1. stains

With a clean sponge stained with a mild soap liquid wipe the dirt, then wipe with water, and then let the leather naturally dry. If the stain is very stubborn, it may be necessary to use detergent solution, but must be careful to wipe, to avoid damage to the leather surface.

2, high temperature and sunshine

Try not to let the leather goods contact with the sun or close to any heaters, otherwise the leather will become more and more dry, and leather elasticity and softness will slowly disappear.

3, juice

Immediately wipe the juice with a clean rag or sponge, if necessary, you can use a rag with a clean warm water to wipe the juice, let the leather naturally dry.

4, butter or grease

With a clean rag to wipe the surface of the oil, so that the remaining oil slowly into the leather, do not use water to wipe the oil stains.

5, such as the use of wet cloth wet towel to tap or wipe the leather surface to the dust, due to water can lead to leather deformation, dry, open and so difficult to make up for the damage, and hidden in the bottom of the dust is difficult to remove, it should not be used The

6, long-term use of brush to clean the hair, due to velvet velvet fluffy, uniform, if long-term use of brushes (especially nylon bristles or bristles of bristles) clean, will damage the villi fiber structure lead to break.

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